An Airport Master Plan is a comprehensive study providing a long-range vision for the airport, which in turn assists airport management and other stakeholders in making informed decisions regarding future development.  The primary purpose of an Airport Master Plan is to establish an orderly development concept for the airport that protects options for the airport’s operation and development over an extended period of time, while at the same time allowing the airport to avail itself of new opportunities to serve the needs of the community and operators. An Airport Master Plan is not a regulatory document, but rather a planning tool intended to deliver a long-term strategy for the airport that provides a framework for future planning and development.  The typical planning horizon for an Airport Master Plan is 20 years.
The Airport Master Plan for Billy Bishop Airport will assist PortsToronto in making short and medium-term decisions that are consistent with longer-term development, and are in keeping with its corporate values with respect to business development, customer service, and social and environmental responsibility.  In addition, the Airport Master Plan will inform airport stakeholders, the community and external interests of the potential direction of airport development, so that each may take appropriate initiatives, which in turn supports their interests and reinforces the objectives of PortsToronto.
A Master Plan project website is available to provide information, advance notice and updates on the Billy Bishop Airport 2018 Master Plan process and is available at or by clicking here.

Airport with Toronto skyline in background