The following procedures are in effect from May 1 to November 15 of each year.

Prior Notification is Required (PNR) to land in the Toronto Inner Harbour. All floatplanes requiring use of the Inner Harbour and Billy Bishop Airport Water Aerodrome facilities must contact the Airport Operations Office, in advance, by telephone at416-203-6942 ext. 17 between 0700 and 2245 local time, daily.

Please note that there is always the possibility of marine vessel activity and that due to boat traffic an arrival or departure from the Inner Harbour may be delayed or advised against.

Pilots unfamiliar with operations in the Inner Harbour are provided with a complete briefing on the conditions that may be encountered, and are advised that they should be prepared to expect delays or proceed to an alternate location if there is a high volume of marine vessel activity.

The Inner Harbour has peak marine vessel activity during the following times:

Monday through Thursday 15:00 hrs. until DUSK
Friday through Sunday and Holidays 12:00 hrs. until DUSK

Notification of floatplane operations does not imply safety of operation from Toronto Inner Harbour. All floatplane operations (approach, landing, take off and climb-out) are conducted solely at the discretion of the floatplane pilot, and he/she is responsible for ensuring that an approach, landing or take off and climb-out can be completed safely and without interference to marine vessels.

Please note that regularly scheduled floatplane operations are not permitted from the Toronto Inner Harbour. Floatplane charter activities may be allowed if the floatplane operator has given PNR to the Airport Operations Office.

Floatplane operators must contact the Billy Bishop Airport Air Traffic Control Tower on frequency 118.20 prior to landing and/or departing in the Toronto Inner Harbour.

These Floatplane Operating Procedures will be monitored for compliance by Airport Management/designate of the Toronto Port Authority.