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Change to Flight Inspection Aircraft (FIA) Fleet Used by NAV CANADA at Billy Bishop Airport
NAV CANADA will retire the only turboprop aircraft from its FIA fleet, which undertakes routine flight inspections two to three times per year at over 130 airports in Canada, including Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Learn more here.

While required and regulated as part of standard aircraft maintenance, engine run-ups can be a disturbance to the community as testing is often done at high power. A Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE) is a three-sided, open top facility, able to accommodate an aircraft while maintenance mechanics conduct high-power engine run-up inspections. Acoustically and aerodynamically designed, a GRE can dramatically dampen the acoustic impact from engine runups. The steel framed structure is fully lined with acoustic panels designed specifically for the purpose of absorbing engine sound and reducing noise impacts on the surrounding community.

As a good community neighbour, PortsToronto has continuously worked to minimize operational impacts of the airport. As such, the construction of a Ground Run-up Enclosure to dampen aircraft engine run-up noise is part of PortsToronto’s key infrastructure and capital improvements at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

Ground Run-up Enclosure