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Change to Flight Inspection Aircraft (FIA) Fleet Used by NAV CANADA at Billy Bishop Airport
NAV CANADA will retire the only turboprop aircraft from its FIA fleet, which undertakes routine flight inspections two to three times per year at over 130 airports in Canada, including Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Learn more here.

Managing Billy Bishop Airport noise is a key part of the PortsToronto’s commitment to the environment and the well-being of its surrounding community. PortsToronto has commissioned several studies and developed a Noise Management Program to ensure that noise relating to the airport is mitigated.

The Billy Bishop Airport’s Noise Management Office works closely with local residents, businesses and airport users to both address daily operations and to improve the long-term noise mitigation measures on a strategic level. The Noise Management Office is responsible for administering and ensuring compliance with the Good Neighbour Policy and the Noise Abatement Procedure.

For more information on the Noise Management Program, please click here.