Billy Bishop Airport takes great pride in being part of the community it operates within – largely the Toronto waterfront – and is committed to being a good neighbour by engaging with those who live, work and operate in the area.

In doing so, Billy Bishop Airport builds and maintains positive relationships and a strong connection with its neigbours and stakeholders through open dialogue, transparency, public participation and two-way communication. 

Billy Bishop Airport conducts a number of community engagement initiatives including:

  • Community Liaison Committee
    Since 2010, Billy Bishop Airport has conducted quarterly meetings with community residents and stakeholders to expand engagement and ensure the airport is responsive to the needs of its neighbours. Click here to learn more about the Community Liaison Committee, view past meeting minutes and to see a meeting calendar.
  • Ongoing Communication
    Billy Bishop Airport is committed to providing timely and up-to-date information advising the local community of upcoming projects and other events that may impact the neighbourhood via Public Notices, email and social media.