Billy Bishop Airport is a multiple-use facility with capacity for both commercial and general aviation. Landing Fees for aircraft (with the exception of flying schools and those operating under a Commercial Carrier Operating Agreement) are based on the aircraft weight and type of engine, i.e. either piston or turboprop.

Charter flights are subject to Airport Improvement Fees (AIF) for each departing passenger. The current fee is $15 per enplanement.

Please note, that Fixed Base Operators (FBO) at the airport (Porter FBO and Stolport FBO) charge a Ramp Handling Fee that is separate from the airport Landing Fee. For further information on ramp handling fees, please contact the FBO you intend on using while at Billy Bishop Airport. Visit the services section for contact details.

Pay Your Landing Fees Online

Please be advised that effective November 12 2021 the online payment system for landing fees and AIF will no longer be available. I would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause. Credit card payments can still be made by contacting Anna at (416) 203-6942 x 11 and making the payment over the phone. For those that prefer, information for paying by cheque can be found on the bottom of your invoice.

This is a temporary situation and while not ideal will be in place for the rest of the 2021 billings. Starting in January 2022 we will be transition to a new landing fee provider who will offer additional payment option.

If you have any questions please contact our Landing Fee Specialist at 416-203-6942 x 13 or

Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2022. 
Time of Landing 0701 to 2200 0645 to 0700 & 2201 to 2300
Domestic Arrivals per 1000 kg Min. per 1000 kg Min.
Piston $4.91 $30.00 $9.82 $60.00
Turboprop $7.64 $30.00 $15.29 $60.00
Trans-border Arrivals per 1000 kg Min. per 1000 kg Min.
Piston $6.14 $30.00 $12.27 $60.00
Turboprop $9.91 $30.00 $19.81 $60.00
       Regular Hours       Restricted   Hours   Prohibited   Hours
   Minimum   Per   1000kg Triple the Regular Hours Rate No traffic permitted
(Emergencies & Medivacs excluded)

Minimum per occurrence 
$1000 fine for the pilot in command;
$10,000 fine for aircraft owner.
 Piston - All   Sectors  $25.00  $7.21
 Turbine - All   Sectors  $30.00  $9.27

Electric / Hybrid Piloted or Passenger Aircraft can land free of charge at YTZ

BBTCA Hours of Operation
       Regular Hours 0700-2200 local time
Restricted Hours 0645-0659/2201-2300 local time
Prohibited Hours 2301-0644 local time


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