Runway Data

Check the Canada Flight Supplement & Canada Air Pilot for current information.

Rwy 08/26       3988' x 150'      Asphalt
Rwy 06/24       2933' x 150'      Asphalt
Rwy 15/33       2979' x 150'      Asphalt

Available 0645 - 2245 local, daily. Please note that airport access is limited to ferry operation hours.
Ferry operation hours are 0515 local to 0007 local. The ferry departs from the foot of Eireann Quay every 15 minutes, with the first trip departing at 0515 local and the last trip departing the island at 0007 local.
Hours subject to change on Statutory Holidays. 

100LL, JA-1 (CON I IP JA-1 with FSII (Fuel System Icing Inhibitor)
Oil All seasonal grades available.
Servicing 1, 3: Storage and major repairs available
ARFF Category 6 Airport Rescue and Fire Services. Aircraft fuselage length in metres (feet) 18 up to but not including 24 (59-78.5)
06:45 to 23:00 local, daily
Private Advisory Porter FBO 416-203-2424 123.35
Trans Capital FBO 416-361-1100 123.2 08:00 To 20:00 hrs. local
The floatplane dock is owned and operated by PortsToronto and managed by Billy Bishop Airport – Airport Management. Operation of the floatplane dock is available until 2245 local daily. Hours of operation are subject to change during Statutory Holidays. Advance notification is required. Please call Airport Management at 416-203-6942, ext. 17.
Trans Capital FBO provides beaching and launching services for the floatplane ramp from 0700 to 2200 local daily. Advance notice for service is recommended. Please call Trans Capital FBO at 416-361-1100.
Military Contract Currently provided by Imperial Oil through Porter FBO 416-203-2424