Managing airport noise is a key part of PortsToronto’s commitment to the environment and surrounding community. PortsToronto has commissioned several studies and developed a Noise Management Program to make sure that airport noise is mitigated.

Below you will find everything you need to know about noise management at Billy Bishop Airport.

Billy Bishop Airport Noise Management Office

Billy Bishop Airport’s Noise Management Office receives, investigates and responds to noise complaints. The office utilizes a state-of-the-art Aircraft Flight Tracking and Noise Monitoring System to monitor daily operations. In addition to producing monthly noise reports, the office reports data on an annual basis.

As part of PortsToronto’s commitment to managing noise generated by operations related to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, two Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMTs), located on the Toronto Police Marine Unit building and the Toronto Fire Services island Fire Hall, have been upgraded and are now fully operational.
In addition to upgrading these two existing NMTs, a third additional NMT has been installed on the mainland ferry terminal building. This new NMT enables enhanced tracking of noise generated by aircraft run-ups and the airport’s ferry operation, specifically – two key areas of focus under the airport’s overall noise management program.
The terminals are the foundation of the airport’s noise monitoring system and provide ongoing noise-level data to the airport’s Noise Management Office. This data is then used in long-term noise mitigation planning and in responding to noise complaints from the surrounding community.

The noise data transmitted by the NMTs is also viewable through Billy Bishop Airport’s free, publicly-accessible WebTrak website (more information below).

Noise Management Policies

Billy Bishop Airport has in place a number of policies and procedures that ensure the airport remains compliant with the Tripartite Agreement – an agreement that ensures, among other things, that the airport:

  • follows strict noise restrictions
  • limits total daily flight activity
  • follows a strict curfew that prohibits any aircraft, other than Medevac, from taking off and landing between 11:00 p.m. and 6:45 a.m.

Under the Tripartite Agreement, Billy Bishop Airport is one of the most noise restricted airports in North America.

Noise policies and procedures at Billy Bishop Airport include:


WebTrak is an online tool that makes it easy to see aircraft overhead by making current and historical commercial flight data* available online 24/7 for the community to view.

Please note: Aircraft flying over Billy Bishop Airport, or beyond our five nautical mile range, are the responsibility of Transport Canada. PortsToronto is responsible for reviewing and responding to the noise complaints within a distance of five nautical miles. Noise complaints which are not associated with the operation of Billy Bishop Airport, are referred to Transport Canada or the related airport, contact Transport Canada

*Medevac, Military and Police flight data is excluded from WebTrak.

Get Started

  1. Use your Billy Bishop Airport WebTrak Dashboard to learn how to use the system.
  2. Connect to WebTrak


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Transport Canada Noise Exposure Forecast Reports

Annual Noise Management Reports

Click the year below to download the Billy Bishop Airport Annual Noise Management Report in pdf format. You will need an Adobe reader to view the forms. A free reader is available by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Monthly Noise Complaint Summaries

Click the month below to download the summary report in pdf format. You will need an Adobe reader to view the form. A free reader is available by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Archived Reports

Adobe reader

Noise Complaint

29  Total Complaints
Total Aircraft Related 27
Total Ferry Related 1
Total Construction 1
Total Mainland Ops Related 0
* Non-pedestrian tunnel related
Complaints by Activity

Total Aircraft Related

Total Ferry Related

Total Construction

Total Mainland Ops Related

27 Complaints of Aircraft Operations By Type
Scheduled Commercial Service 4
General Aviation 4
Medevac 3
Police Helicopters 0
Helicopters 0
Military 0
No associated aircraft movement found 0
General 16
Curfew Violations 0
March 2017 compared to March 2018
YTD 2017 compared to YTD 2018
Complaint Turnaround Commitment Met