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CATSA Introduces Enhanced Screening
CATSA’s enhanced screening is now in effect and may include a secondary search and/or additional screening of electronics the size of a cell phone or larger. Learn more here.

Whether it’s by offering free WiFi service throughout our airport, including within our new pedestrian tunnel, complimentary baggage carts or a fully secure Lost and Found to help reunite you with any misplaced items, we are here to make your travel easier.

Free WiFi

Billy Bishop Airport is pleased to provide free WiFi service to our travellers in every area of our airport – including the new pedestrian tunnel, airport lounges and our complimentary shuttle buses.

If you need a computer, you’re welcome to sit down at any of the complimentary iMac equipped workstations in the lounges once you’ve checked in.

Lost and Found

Passengers who have lost an item in the terminal building, on an aircraft or at security should report the missing item to the airport's Lost and Found Department.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport
Lost and Found

For items left on a Porter Airlines flight, please contact:
(647) 826-7094

For items left on an Air Canada flight, please visit their website.

Free Baggage Carts

Complimentary baggage carts are available from the Mainland Pavilion at the entrance to the tunnel.