Purpose, Vision and Values

PortsToronto has a long history on the city’s waterfront, helping to shape Toronto as it is known today, through its predecessor, the Harbour Commissioners. Looking out to 2050, and a future vision for the city, PortsToronto will continue to play a role in the city’s transportation network, expanded by new technologies, and new forms of mobility. PortsToronto will still focus on taking care of air, land and water, in a safe and sustainable manner. Most importantly, PortsToronto will invest in its people, supporting internal and external relationships to continue to grow the waterfront. Toronto will have a strong waterfront community in 2050, that is thriving and connected.

PURPOSE: Deliver bold solutions for connectivity, economic opportunity and quality of life

Our purpose reflects PortsToronto’s multifaceted commitment to the communities in which we live and work. Our emphasis on bold solutions highlights PortsToronto’s determination to go beyond conventional approaches and demonstrates a willingness to innovate and address complex challenges directly. The emphasis on connectivity underscores our role as a critical link between Canada’s largest city, our waterfront, and the broader transportation network of which PortsToronto has always played a major part.

Our purpose’s emphasis on economic opportunity reflects PortsToronto’s dedication to driving local, regional, and national prosperity, while the commitment to quality of life speaks to our holistic approach to PortsToronto’s impact on the city. We acknowledge the importance of community engagement, recreational space, environmental stewardship, and the diversity of the communities we serve. PortsToronto consults and engages with First Nations and diverse communities it operates within as we recognize the productive relationship that we share.

VISION: Transportation Reimagined

Our vision is a testament to revolutionizing the way transportation is conceived and experienced. This succinct statement underscores PortsToronto’s deep commitment to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and challenging norms in marine and air transportation. In choosing the term reimagined our vision not only involves incremental improvement to how we run our businesses, but also a complete transformation in how transportation systems are designed, operated, and integrated into our region.

Our vision calls for transformative change, reflective of PortsToronto’s determination to lead the future of transportation in ways that will support and enhance the economy, environment, and quality of life across our region.