Community Investment Mission

"To create a legacy of giving based on our commitment to fostering strong, healthy and sustainable communities along Toronto’s waterfront. Our giving is focused on sport and recreation, arts and culture, and education in ways that support youth, families and a healthier environment."

PortsToronto’s approach to community investment places great importance on being an active participant and strong supporter of the community in which it operates. PortsToronto provides donations, sponsorships and in-kind contributions to local initiatives, activities and events that facilitate the long-term success and growth of local communities and the people who live, work and visit Toronto's waterfront.

What Does PortsToronto Support?

PortsToronto's priority is to support communities, youth and families along the waterfront through local initiatives that fall under one or more of PortsToronto’s three core investment pillars:

  • Sports and Recreation
  • Arts and Culture
  • Education

What Does PortsToronto Not Support?

In most circumstances, PortsToronto does not support the following:

  • Sponsorship and charitable donation requests that are inconsistent with PortsToronto’s investment pillars and strategic commitments
  • Sponsorships that are or could be perceived as a conflict of interest
  • Professional sporting or artistic events, or their charitable foundations
  • Contributions to political parties, candidates seeking elected office, or events organized by political parties

Information Required in Proposal

In order for your application to be given consideration, please ensure the following information is included in your standard sponsorship proposal:

  • Name of organization seeking sponsorship
  • Complete address, telephone number, email and website of organization
  • Description of organization
  • Type of organization (e.g. registered charity, not-for-profit, etc.)
  • Disclosure of any previous affiliation with PortsToronto or its businesses (Billy Bishop Airport, Port of Toronto or the Outer Harbour Marina)
  • Name and description of program/initiative/event requesting support
  • Operation area of program/initiative/event requesting support
  • Dates or timeframe of program/initiative/event requesting support
  • List of additional sources from which support has been or will be sought
  • Level of support requested (monetary amount, in-kind, etc.)
  • Detail of benefits PortsToronto will receive
  • Report from last year/event/program for initiative requesting support
  • Deadline for PortsToronto response
  • Applicant name, contact number and email

Application Deadline

Sponsorship and donation requests are reviewed on a regular basis throughout the year. However, due to the high volume of requests that PortsToronto receives, it is highly recommended that proposals be submitted by early fall to be considered for the following year. 

Post-Mortem Report

Any organization that has been approved for a sponsorship or donation request is required to submit a comprehensive post-mortem report on the program/initiative/event 90 days following its conclusion. At a minimum, the report must include:

  • Impact and reach (e.g. attendance impressions, number of funding recipients, media impressions, etc.)
  • Fulfillment of benefits (e.g. logo recognition, etc.)
  • Images of program/initiative/event and PortsToronto presence
  • Feedback received (quantitative or qualitative)
  • List of other sponsors/sources of support
  • Copies of collateral/materials produced

How are proposals reviewed and approved by the PortsToronto?

PortsToronto has a selection committee that meets on a regular basis to review all proposals. Consideration for support is based on the request’s alignment with the PortsToronto community investment mission and pillars. Please note that PortsToronto cannot support all eligible applications due to the high volume of need versus finite funds.

Does PortsToronto do multi-year commitments?

No. All applications are reviewed on an annual basis.

We have received PortsToronto funding in the past? Can we apply again?

Yes. All applications are reviewed on an annual basis. Please indicate that your organization is a past recipient of PortsToronto funding.

Our request for funding was not accepted in the past? Can we reapply?

Yes. All applications are reviewed on an annual basis and you may reapply in the next calendar year.

Can one organization apply for sponsorship of multiple programs/initiatives/events?

Yes, as long as the programs/initiatives/events are aligned with PortsToronto’s community investment mission and pillars.

Where Do I Send My Proposal?

Please send the proposal to

If I have any questions, who can I contact?

Please contact the Communications and Public Affairs Department at (416) 863-2075 or