PortsToronto Outlines 2016 Plan for Capital Improvements at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Toronto (January 18, 2016) – PortsToronto will undertake a number of key infrastructure and capital improvements at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport this year. These include the restoration and repaving of the existing runways, as well as the construction of a new noise enclosure to dampen aircraft engine run-up noise.

As the first step in executing upon these capital improvements, PortsToronto will issue a Request for Pre-Qualification on a broad basis through MERX seeking contractors capable of leading the project to rehabilitate the existing airfield infrastructure. A Tender Invitation will follow being issued to a selected short-list of qualified contractors based on a robust evaluation process. A separate RFPQ will be issued seeking specialists with expertise to design and build the new noise enclosure on the south side of the airport. Work on both projects is expected to begin later this year. The restoration of the runways was identified and previously announced in the airport’s 2012 Master Plan. The noise enclosure was identified in a 2010 Jacob’s Noise Management Study commissioned by PortsToronto.

Other items contained in PortsToronto’s proposed capital expenditures for 2016 include the installation of high-efficiency LED runway lighting to complete a next step identified in PortsToronto’s 2015 Sustainability Report, the purchase of a new runway sweeper, and the installation of new airport wayfinding signage on the mainland. These and all other capital improvements made at Billy Bishop Airport are financed entirely by the Airport Improvement Fee paid by departing passengers and not by taxpayers.

The 2016 capital improvements planned for the airport are part of PortsToronto’s larger five-year plan to enhance the passenger and community experience relative to the airport.