Ship Channel Bridge Expected to Open to Two-way Traffic Late May

Toronto (April 7, 2016) – Scheduled work on the Ship Channel Bridge, which runs along Cherry Street in the Toronto Port Lands, has now been completed, allowing marine use to resume and providing a bridge deck capable of supporting vehicular traffic.

However, recent safety inspections by bridge engineers have revealed accelerated deterioration to structural components on the underside of the bridge’s south approach that were previously undetected. The deterioration is age-related and has to do with connections within the bridge’s steel support system that must be repaired in order to ensure the continued safe use of the bridge.

Given this and based on a report provided to PortsToronto in late March by the bridge engineers which details the current condition of the bridge’s south approach, it is expected that the bridge will open to two-way traffic by the end of May.

PortsToronto’s goal is to return the bridge back to two-way traffic as efficiently as possible, while minimizing any impact of the repair on the people who live and do business in the area. During the work, pedestrians and bike users will continue to cross the bridge as normal, while vehicular traffic will continue to flow over the east side of the bridge.