10 things you did not know about the Toronto Port Authority

Toronto Port Authority Fast Facts

Fact : The TPA is in full compliance with the Tripartite Agreement’s noise limits. Check it out.

Fact: The proposed tunnel is for pedestrians only. Here is what it might look like.

Fact: In 2010, the Toronto City Airport will welcome 1.2 million users, an almost 50-fold increase from 2006.

Fact: The Toronto Port Authority owns less than 20 per cent of the waterfront dockwalls. Check out our map here on page 2 of our brochure..

Fact: A majority of Torontonians support the airport, and almost 75 per cent want it to remain independent of the City of Toronto.

Fact: The Toronto Port Authority works with more than a dozen city departments to share best practices and resolve outstanding issues. Check out the highlighted city organization chart here.

Fact: A net contributor to the public purse, the Toronto Port Authority remits a portion of its earnings to both the federal and municipal governments.

Fact: The Port Authority publishes on-line, quarterly information about staff hospitality expenditures, in the interests of transparency and accountability. See details here.

Fact: The proposed tunnel would be financed by the private sector, not through your tax dollars.

Fact: The Port Authority is responsible for keeping the harbour waters clean. Check out torontoport.com for more.