Ship Channel Bridge Notice - July 17, 2013

Repairs to the Ship Channel Bridge, located on Cherry Street will continue until mid-August. The Ship Channel Bridge was closed to vehicle traffic on November 12, 2012 to perform critical repairs and maintenance on the bridge and approaches.
The bridge remains closed to vehicle and marine traffic to enable repairs. While this work has taken place, the Bridge has remained available for pedestrian and cyclist use.

Repairs to the bridge, which was constructed in 1931, are a complex and intricate operation and Toronto Port Authority will provide an update on progress and commissioning schedule on August 6, 2013.
Once reopened, the Ship Channel Bridge will be available to single lane vehicle traffic, marine transit, pedestrians and cyclists.
The bridge will remain open to single lane vehicle traffic only until the City of Toronto completes the remaining repairs.
While the Ship Channel Bridge is closed, vehicles may access the south Portlands via the single-lane bridge on Unwin Avenue.  Like the Ship Channel Bridge, the bridge on Unwin Avenue can accommodate vehicles up to 63.7 tonnes on five axles. Vehicles will be able to access Unwin Avenue via Leslie Street.
Toronto Port Authority is committed to providing safe and efficient access to the Portlands for all our stakeholders and the public at large. We continue to work with and assist the City to develop a long-term solution for appropriate vehicle accessibility to the south Portlands.
General Questions regarding the closure of the Ship Channel Bridge should be directed to Pamela McDonald, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at or 416-863-2028. 

Construction-related inquiries and comments should be directed to Eric Piitz, Port Engineer at or 416 863-2043.
Shipping- and Port-related enquiries should be directed to Angus Armstrong, Harbour Master at or 416-462-3304.