Toronto Port Authority releases results of comprehensive Noise Management Study at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Toronto Port Authority releases results of comprehensive Noise Management Study at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Recommendations to be discussed at public meeting on February 17

The Toronto Port Authority ("TPA") has released the results of a comprehensive noise management study at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport ("BBTCA") undertaken by Jacobs Consultancy Canada Inc. ("Jacobs") between 2008 and 2009.

The report can be downloaded and printed as a PDF document at (click to download)

The report's findings and recommendations address numerous issues around managing and mitigating noise associated with aircraft movements at the BBTCA. Highlights include:

- That the TPA undertake measures to restrict aircraft engine run-ups
and idling;

- That the TPA and NAV Canada (the federal body that manages air
traffic control) revise the current designations of Noise Sensitive
Areas to account for new residential dwellings, and alter BBTCA
flight procedures to reduce the impact of noise in those areas; and

- Urban noise, including traffic sources associated with the Gardiner
Expressway and Queen's Quay, can be responsible for higher levels of
noise than aircraft movements

Jacobs has been collecting noise data around the BBTCA since the Fall of 2008. To accompany this study, the TPA formed the Noise Management Study Advisory Group ("NMSAG") consisting of local residents and including Toronto City Councillors Adam Vaughan and Pam McConnell. The NMSAG has met three times since November, 2008, to examine research models, analyze noise data collected, and discuss related measures to reduce and manage noise.

On Wednesday, February 17, 2010, a public meeting will take place at the Radisson Admiral Hotel at 249 Queen's Quay, beginning at 7:30 p.m. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss and gain feedback from the public on the recommendations of the report, focussing on the following areas:

- Establishment of a permanent community advisory committee dealing
with airport issues;

- Noise contour measurements that identify flight patterns around the

- Noise management and mitigation recommendations.

"An important part of the TPA's mission is to be a responsive and responsible partner in Toronto's harbour community. In keeping with this commitment, we have made a considerable effort to include the community in this important study of ambient noise occurring around the BBTCA and the Gardiner Expressway," said TPA President and Chief Executive Officer Geoffrey Wilson.

"As we conclude the ambient noise study, we are going to establish a permanent consultative committee process to address community concerns as they arise. This will be part of the TPA's intensive and ongoing efforts to boost its environmental sustainability practices, including a recent decision to purchase electricity from renewable sources through Bullfrog Power. That particular measure is not just limited to the BBTCA, but will apply to all TPA business operations," Mr. Wilson added.

Among recently announced environmental protection and noise mitigation measures, the TPA will invest $900,000 in noise barriers at the BBTCA in 2010.

More information on these measures is available at

For further information: Geoffrey Wilson, TPA President and CEO; Ken Lundy, BBTCA Airport Director, (416) 863-2000