The Cruise Ship Terminal is located 8 Unwin Avenue at the corner of Unwin Avenue and Cherry Street.

The terminal is a multi-purpose facility. Not only does it host visiting cruise ships, it also serves as a popular filming location and rental location for special events.

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Coming to the terminal by road?

As you approach the Cherry Street area, follow the large green Cruise Ship Terminal signs. Once on Unwin Avenue, follow the Arrivals / Departures sandwich board signs.

Cruise ship passengers will find easy access to the Cruise Ship Terminal by private car or taxi.

For further information contact Michael Riehl at 416-319-9095.

Boaters Notice

PortsToronto is responsible for keeping the Toronto Harbour safe and navigable. See Boater’s Notices about everything from swimming in the harbour to obtaining permission for a marine event.

Do you have one?

A Power Vessel Operator’s Permit is required to operate a powered vessel in the Port and Harbour of Toronto.

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