It is prohibited under Canada Marine Act Operation Regulations for anyone or any organization to place or operate a light or day marker, or to place or move an aid to navigation, buoy, mooring, float, picket, mark or sign, without the permission of the Harbour Master.

Permission for these activities may be obtained through the submission of an Application for Authorization of an Event and Waiver of Claims form to the Harbour Master's office. Normally, applications for events include permission for placing of temporary markers and as such are dealt with in an overall application form.

Please note that if permission is not obtained from the Harbour Master, this marker may be removed by the Toronto Police Services Marine Unit and/or the Toronto Port Authority without any notice to the individual who had placed the marker.

The jurisdiction of the Toronto Port Authority is:

West: A line extending into Lake Ontario for one mile due south from the mouth of the Humber River

South: A line extending one mile due south from Gilbraltar Point

East: A line extending for one mile due south from the eastern boundary of the old City of Toronto at Victoria Park

Harbour Master of the Port of Toronto

View map of the Toronto Port Authority’s jurisdiction.

Boaters Notice

PortsToronto is responsible for keeping the Toronto Harbour safe and navigable. See Boater’s Notices about everything from swimming in the harbour to obtaining permission for a marine event.

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A Power Vessel Operator’s Permit is required to operate a powered vessel in the Port and Harbour of Toronto.

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