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Unloading Shipping Containers For information contact:
Alain Lefebvre
Terminal Manager (Logistec) 

The Port of Toronto provides many benefits to major highrise developers and suppliers of construction material including:

  • Close proximity to Toronto’s downtown core provides a strategic location to store, stage and manage the just-in-time delivery requirements of large highrise developments.
  • Long/short-term storage, warehousing and project staging with 225,000 square feet (21,000 square metres) of indoor warehousing space and over 30 acres of outdoor storage space in the paved yard. Both indoor and outdoor areas arestaffed by a highly-skilled and experienced workforce capable of managing complex material handling projects and oversized materials.
  • Located at the foot of Cherry Street on 50 acres (20 hectares), the Port is easily accessed via two major expressways and is served by rail by both of Canada’s railroads.
  • An ideal site for the construction sector because of its proximity to downtown construction projects.
  • Used as a staging location for major infrastructure developments including the Portlands Energy Centre, the Ripley Wind Energy Farm, and the TTC.
  • Security features including perimeter fencing, staffed security gate and around-the-clock security ensures goods stored on the site will be always be controlled and monitored.

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