This Notice governs marine events held within the Port and Harbour of Toronto, and is designed to facilitate the safe, shared use of the harbour and to ensure safe navigation. A marine event includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Yacht or boat race
  • Water skiing or personal watercraft event
  • Swimming event or race
  • Sailpast
  • Sub-aqua activity
  • Hang gliding or parasailing demonstration
  • Any sporting or recreational event
  • Media productions
  • Float planes

No person shall conduct or participate in any aquatic event or other activity that is liable to interfere with navigation or operations within the harbour without the written permission of the Harbour Master, which permission may be either general or specific as to place and time.

Harbour Master’s Authorization must be applied for and obtained prior to any event taking place.

Applicants must complete an Application for Authorization of an Event Form, a Waiver of Claims Form and must provide specific insurance with “The Toronto Port Authority and His Majesty in Right of Canada” added as additional insureds. The applicant must furnish a Safety Plan for review and must first obtain permission for landside access from any landowner other than the Toronto Port Authority where the event occurs.

Applicants must also furnish a diagram and details including the schedule of placement and removal of any approved temporary markers/docks required for the event. Full details and other requirements as may be necessary in addition to application fee information, will be provided to applicants once a request for authorization has been received.

Contact the Office of the Harbour Master at 416-462-3937 or by e-mail to a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of any event for more details.

The Toronto Port Authority is not responsible for injury, loss of life or loss or damage to property resulting from any activity, whether or not the Harbour Master has given permission for such activity.

Harbour Master of the Port of Toronto

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Boaters Notice

PortsToronto is responsible for keeping the Toronto Harbour safe and navigable. See Boater’s Notices about everything from swimming in the harbour to obtaining permission for a marine event.

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