Emergency Response Exercise to Take Place at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport on November 29

On the morning of November 29, 2014, the Toronto Port Authority (TPA) will conduct an emergency training exercise at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.
This routine full-scale training exercise is mandated by Transport Canada to test airport protocols, procedures, communications and planning for emergency and/or security related incidents. 
This exercise is critical to ensuring that the airport maintains a high level of emergency response preparedness and involves multiple agencies including Toronto Fire and Toronto Police Services (and related Marine Units), Toronto Paramedic Services, Ornge, Nav Canada, as well as staff and officials from the various security agencies and airlines that operate out of Billy Bishop Airport.
The scenario that has been developed to test emergency preparedness on November 29, involves an aircraft in distress that has landed on the airfield and the evacuation of passengers. Throughout the morning those visiting or passing by the airport may witness:
  • Emergency vehicles and personnel in and around the airport, including the Toronto Police Marine Unit and Toronto Fire boats, fire trucks and the Hazardous Material Response Team;
  • An aircraft on one of the runways (not in use that morning) which may appear to be generating smoke, and;
  • Volunteer actors from the Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute serving in various roles, including as passengers who appear to be in distress and are being removed, assessed and transported from an aircraft by emergency personnel.
Please be advised that this is an exercise only.
There will be no impact on regular flight arrival and departure times, although travellers may experience a slight delay in ferry service between 9:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. as emergency services vehicles cross to the island-side of the airport to participate in the exercise.