Toronto Port Authority Advertising Campaign

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is an important gateway to Toronto and part of our vibrant mixed-use waterfront community. In an effort to help Torontonians better understand how the airport operates and the economic impact it makes to our city, the Toronto Port Authority invested approximately $1.8 million in marketing and advertising over the last year.

This advertising campaign was wholly funded by the Toronto Port Authority, an organization that is mandated to be financially self-sufficient, and is not funded by the federal government or taxpayers. In fact, the overall tax revenue and PILT contribution generated by on-going economic activity at BBTCA is approximately $57 million per year, according to a recent Economic Impact Study. The TPA has no taxing authority and all funds are raised from its various lines of business.

Our advertising campaign is aimed at generating awareness and improved understanding of how the Billy Bishop Airport operates, specifically around such issues as noise restrictions, traffic and curfews. There was also advertising pertaining to City Council’s April 3, 2013, vote on the airport’s PILTs. Overall, the campaign has been successful to date and we hope that the ads provided useful information on the airport and the part it plays in the City.