Toronto Port Authority Issues Statement on Updated City Staff Report Regarding Porter Proposal

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Toronto (March 20, 2014) – The Toronto Port Authority (TPA) has received and conducted an initial review of the Staff Report regarding the Porter Proposal and Request to Amend the Tripartite Agreement for Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA) that was released March 20, 2014, by the City of Toronto.
For the last several months, as a result of recommendations in the City report and at the request of City staff, the TPA has been actively engaged with the City of Toronto supporting its review of the Porter Proposal to improve the utilization of BBTCA. The TPA has provided comprehensive information, funded all City consulting reports and answered questions so that City staff could provide City Council with a meaningful document upon which it could make an informed decision.
As an independent operation, Porter Airlines is welcome to pursue its own business plan for the benefit of its customers, shareholders and employees. As outlined on April 10, 2013, the TPA takes no position on Porter's business aspirations and has consistently maintained that it would wait until Toronto City Council had made its determination before initiating its own process to determine whether the Porter Proposal could and should be implemented.
“From the outset, the TPA’s singular goal has been to help City Councillors and staff better understand the issues, challenges and possible solutions to every important element of the Porter Proposal,” said TPA Board Chairman Mark McQueen. “Over the past few weeks, certain conditions and restrictions have been put forward by staff that, if accepted by Council, would significantly disadvantage passengers and undermine the airport’s viability. The report clearly recognizes the Billy Bishop Airport as a valuable asset to the City and, although not all of our advice was accepted, we respect City staff’s role as they advise Toronto’s elected officials on this matter.”
“Should City Councillors decide that the Porter proposal is worthy of approval-in-principle in 2014, the TPA will continue to work with City staff and all Councillors on the initiative. We share the goal of ensuring a balanced airport operation and a safe and enjoyable harbour, and have a strong desire to protect the interests of all Torontonians who undoubtedly echo the TPA’s view that the Porter proposal must ‘Do No Harm’ to our thriving waterfront and South Core area. It is our hope that this report can be the next step in a constructive process that will bring us to a conclusion that respects the interests of all involved, without demanding restrictions that disadvantage passengers and undermine the airport’s long-term viability,” continued McQueen. “We look forward to Council’s review of this matter, and will be guided by their decisions, whatever they may be.”
The TPA will issue no further comment or grant interviews on the report until a more comprehensive review of the content and an evaluation of its implications can be properly assessed over the coming days and weeks.

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